Celebrity Foods’ 2005 Annual Awards Ceremony

Stylee Scripters

Hello Beautiful People!

Stars of Celebrity Foods strike a pose!




  1. brandy said

    Well, I’d have to say that I was fortunate enough to attend the event. I had a very good time. I had a chance to celebrate and honor the recipients and mingle with my wonderful colleagues. So, congratulations to the winners and see ya next year!

  2. Theresa said

    I loved the Christmas Party! I stayed till the very end and danced the night away.I had so much fun,Can’t wait till next years!!!

  3. EB3 said

    There’s nothing like the fun you have when you’re celebrating the achievements of your favorite people, at your favorite company, during your favorite time of the year.

  4. pat miller said

    The awards banquet is a great time to celebrate how well we did. I really like when Mark does the state of celebrity speech .
    I do wish we still had company picnics like the old days ,something more family oriented,bring the kids,softball,bbq etc.

  5. Betsey Contreraz said

    This was my first awards banquet with Celebrity and certainly hope it is not the last. The food was great, the company is awesome and I plan to be on stage in 2006!

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