Celebrity Foods Employees Totally Hooked

During my first month as an employee at Celebrity Foods, I tried a lot of different kinds of food and heard a lot of different kinds of food-related stories. When I tried Celebrity Foods’ Smoked Salmon, I was totally hooked on Celebrity Foods’ seafood. When I was a kid, I was allergic to seafood but always liked relating my brother and I’s summer fishing trips at Lake Barcroft to the kids at school. I think stories stay with us and make us smile just as much when we’re adults as when we’re kids so in honor of great Celebrity Foods’ Salmon, I’m going to share with you my fishing story.
When it was summer time, my brother and I were totally hooked on going to my grandparents’ house near Lake Barcroft. On the first morning at my grandparents’ house, we always woke up to my Mom clattering in the garage while looking for our bamboo fishing poles.  I don’t know how those things lasted every year because my grandmother Ririroo always threw them in the trunk of her Cadillac before we headed to the lake. They seemed to get lost in the garage between seasons every year too, surprisingly not in the big boat-like trunk of the Cadillac, which now reminds me of my manager’s desk at Celebrity Foods. Anyway, my brother and I just loved trying to run after the fish in the water. Our fishing poles usually were on the ground within minutes of arrival at the lake because we had more fun running after the fish than trying to catch them. Sometimes though we caught a big Rainbow Trout or two, sometimes just caught Sunnies, and sometimes we just caught our fingers on the hook, but we always caught something.

If you love fishing and quality seafood as much as I, reply to this post on why or post your own fishing story here in the Stories section of Celebrity Foods Employees.


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  1. anonymous said

    My friend & I used to cringe when her Dad brought home the fish he caught! I like eating Salmon now though.

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