Celebrity Foods Steak Out

A True Story From The Field

As I reflect upon my childhood, it dawns on me that I was destined to work with Celebrity Foods.  While I sell things like our delicious New York Steak on a daily basis now, my earlier steak experiences were quite different.

When I was a kid, my best friend Gary and I would go exploring for cows and bulls to scare on the fields of Spangler Farm. The fields had a stream flowing through it, hills to roll down, and plenty of dirt to play in too. The fields also had a big bull roaming on them. One day Gary and I thought it would be funny to hide behind some bushes near the bull and wait ’til he wasn’t looking to scare him with our waving arms – stake him out.  Well, the future Celebrity Foods steak had another idea. When we weren’t looking, the bull walked up behind us and started acting like he was going to charge at us. Gary and I ran all the way to the fence at the end of the farm, without looking back, and jumped over the fence before taking a breath. The future Celebrity Foods’ steak had staked US out. 
 Without having to sneak up on it, I just enjoy eating my steak now while not giving it a chance to stake me out.

If you have any stories about being chased by your future meal, please reply to this post.



  1. anonymous said

    Yeah…I’ll stick to just eating my food, not looking it in the face.

  2. shellnut said

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