Celebrity Foods’ Well-Being

The Fourth Edition of The American Heritage Dictionary defines well-being as “the state of being healthy, happy, or prosperous.” Although we can’t pick healthy, happy, and prosperous from a tree, I think, as a Celebrity Foods Employee and human being, the fast track to well-being is simple. We just have to want it.


Let’s start with being healthy. I truly believe our activities and eating habits determine how healthy we are. As Celebrity Foods’ employees, we take these two factors into consideration when designing programs for our customers. However, all too often we forget that their needs are our needs too. We must remember to engage in daily activity which may be as simple as walking across the parking lot to our cars every evening after work. If that’s all the exercise we get for the day then we should also try to stretch our legs and arms a couple times while at our desks. When it comes to our eating habits, we should keep in mind the food pyramid we learned in school, then add in special brain food like my favorite, chai tea. It’s all about the balancing act, what we want to do and what we want from our bodies. A healthy body also maintains a healthy mind.


Happiness is in the middle. While we’re trying to reach a goal, personal or professional, my fellow Celebrity Foods’ employees, we hear a lot of suggestions from friends, family and co-workers. If we take all those suggestions, in addition to our own thoughts, into consideration, we have plenty of information to reach our goal. We just have to compromise to come up with a real solution to our goal that makes us happy and then we’re half way to well-being.


Our shoulders are the middle bridge connecting our arms and spine. It’s been said by many that we hold our stress in our shoulders. I say just roll that stress off. And then stretch those shoulders by raising your arms up to the sky to welcome not just relaxation in your shoulders but a new perspective on things. Adjust to stay on the road.


Prosperity completes well-being. Everyone at Celebrity Foods defines and measures success differently with the same main goal in common. My friend Brett defines success as having the ability to laugh all day long. Today, as a Celebrity Foods employee, I will measure success by the number of minutes I have left in my day for mindless television shows. I want to fill my days and nights with more productive time. Each of us takes some time to think about success. That’s what it’s all about.


Healthy, happy, and prosperous, I am, at the moment, in the state of well-being, sitting in the Celebrity Foods’ Employee blog tree.


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    Just be. 🙂

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