In Celebrity Foods’ Corner – The Potato

Each month I like to feature a particular food, some common, some not so, and highlight a few of the benefits beyond the mere flavor.  This month’s featured food is the potato.

Packed with Vitamin C, potassium, and protein, the potato is featured on the Celebrity Foods’ menu in a number of manifestations ranging from fries to mashed and is probably a staple of your cupboard at home as well. According to The Rodale Institute’s® Youth Educational Program, the potato was recently ranked by researchers as being one of the top ten most hunger craving foods and Idaho grows enough potatoes a year to give 3 pounds of potatoes to every person on the planet. If you haven’t tried Celebrity Foods’ Prepared Mashed Potatoes, you’re not just missing out on unbelievable fresh taste, but also a mouthful of nutrients.

More thoughts or questions about the potato spring to mind? We’d like to know. Share your thoughts. Post them. Reply to others with your own. Blog away Celebrity Foods’ Employees.


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  1. anonymous said

    Potato pancakes are sooooooooo yummy. Anybody know a place that serves ’em around here?

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