Adjusting Your Weight

It always seems that beginning around New Year, discussion here at Celebrity Foods seems to turn toward fitness goals.  Most indices determine one’s healthy weight in relation to one’s height. Does that me that fitness goals are specific to one’s height as well?  Recently, with our height in mind, the crew and I talked about what foods were in our diet and how much we exercised. Diet or exercise, we wondered, which should get more focus in achieving one’s ideal body weight?  I found my answers online of course, in Forbes Magazine’s latest issue. I thought I should share my take on this with you. It turns out that my co-workers and I should share the same fitness goals in spite of our differences in height.



We often eat for enjoyment, but we obviously eat to survive as well.  In order to maximize our health there are certain nutrients we need for our internal organs and bones to stay healthy and strong. Some fat should be included in our diet, just the good stuff though, like omega -3-fatty acids, which help reduce strain on the heart, blood clots, and heart beat irregularities. This good fat can be found in fish oil from common fish like my favorite, Celebrity Foods Alaskan Salmon Fillets. If you drink coffee or tea, drink just as much water. Water helps process or metabolize stored fat, contains natural antioxidants, and our bodies need it to resupply the percentage of water our bodies are made up of.
If it’s energy you need more of, switch from candy and coffee to vegetables. That candy bar snack doesn’t taste good because it has good fat in it. That’s the sugar content talkin. That quick jolt in the afternoon that soda gives you which makes you crash a few hours later. Many better choices, like asparagus, contain the natural energy boost – Vitamin C.  Carrots might help you stare at the computer screen better too, providing the vision health booster, Vitamin A. Crave longevity over a taste quick fix. You’re still hungry when you’re not getting enough nutrients in your body.
When it comes to maintaining strong healthy muscles, eating meat in moderation gives you the protein needed for that. Eating meat in moderation also helps prevent fatigue. My favorite protein is my habitual Friday night treat, Celebrity Foods’ protein and iron rich Porterhouse Steak, with its mouth-watering flavor (okay, that was a shameless plug).

Work at Celebrity Foods definitely feels like exercise sometimes, hustling and bustling from one office to the next, but I’m just as busy when I sleep. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night is exercise for my body. It rejuvenates as I sleep, processing nutrients. While I’m awake though, I plan to go to the gym and meet with a fitness expert on creating a 3-4 day workout schedule. While my legs and feet are getting the workout when I’m hustling and bustling from one office to the next, the rest of me is not. mentions in their latest issue that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta states that “60% of the U.S. population aged 20 and older is obese.”  The “SuperSize Me” movie may not be that far off or funny…and although each person is truly unique when it comes to figuring out one’s ideal body weight, staying at that healthy weight seems to be the same process for all of us.

Know of any tasty and healthy alternatives to fatty foods? Want to start a jogging or work out group? Reply to this post with your ideas and suggestions. They are welcome and encouraged.


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  1. Liz said

    I gotta find a gym buddy to get motivated.

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