History of Popular Super Bowl Sunday Foods


When you’re watching the games on Sunday, consider this about the day’s menu:




Legend and story is rampant about this tasty soup-like stew. Many historians think it started out as a creative dish made by large families with a small food supply. Legends also include a Spanish nun having a vision about it, a Spanish priest denouncing it as the “Soup of the Devil” because of its hot taste, Texan cowboys introducing it as part of their hot grub, and Texas prisoners introducing it as an alternative to bread and water. In Texas, Latino women nicknamed “Chili Queens” fed chili to Spanish soldiers when they came to the city of San Antonio in the 1880s. For more historical information on chili, check out Wayne Allen’s Chili. Today, chili is the state dish of Texas and the city of San Antonio honors the “Chili Queens” by holding an annual festival called the “Return of the Chili Queens Festival” during the Memorial Day celebrations in May. Although on game day I’m called the “Chili Queen,” Celebrity Foods gets credit for the hearty and delicious soup-like stew now known as a family favorite on game day.


French Fries


When did the potato pair up with oil and get fried? Some historians say that for Americans, potato and oil got paired up in Belgium and Northern France during World War I, when American soldiers bought hot, crispy, potato snacks from French-speaking people, and then started calling the snack, “French Fries.” According to other historians, Thomas Jefferson started the french fries craze in America after serving french fries at dinner one night at the White House. You can read more about the history of potatoes on Boise State Radio’s webpage.


During Super Bowl Sunday, I just like Celebrity Foods Crinkle Cut French Fries because they settle down the kids for a bit and I don’t think a fry or two, on the way to the grill, somehow ending up in my mouth is such a bad way to spend an afternoon either.




What’s the beef? Ever wonder how we got to become so fond of the cow? Celebrity Foods ages its beef, but in America, the age of beef started a little earlier. The American beef industry has had an unusual timeline. According to some historians, it wasn’t until after the Civil War that beef was commercially introduced into the United Sates when the Spanish introduced cattle to Mexico. Professor Drury of the Georgia Institute of Technology Language Institute presents more interesting historical information on beef on his History of Steak web page. Well, on game day, there’s no war waged in the kitchen. I cook Celebrity Foods Beef Back Ribs. They start cooking in the crock pot and then make their way to the grill. Once completely cooked, I dress ‘em up with Smitty’s barbeque sauce. The guys never complain.


Super Bowl Sunday is a great time of enjoying good food with friends and family. Share your menu on game day by replying to this post. Celebrity Foods Employees are friends and family too.


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  1. Liz said

    You’re right. I won’t look at my food the same way again. I think I’m going to just eat those Celebrity Foods Beef Back Ribs. I’ll have to tell the hubby to make sure it was on this month’s order.

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