Celebrity Foods Super Bowl Snacks

Need somethin to snack on before the game? Run out of ideas? As a Celebrity Foods employee, I like to throw in a couple of these tasty appetizers before the group arrives on game day to tide ‘em over ‘til the ribs are done.


Celebrity Foods Shredded Beef Taquitos 

Traditional rolled tacos made with Top Choice beef and corn tortillas, this finger food is ready for the masses in about 10 minutes if you cook ‘em in the oven at 425 °F

or just in a couple minutes after cooking in the microwave on high setting.



Celebrity Foods Breaded Cod Nuggets

These tasty sidekicks of breaded, pre-browned whitefish are ready to nibble on in about 15 minutes after being cooked at 425 °F in the oven, just in time for the pre-game chatter.

Celebrity Foods Roasted Chicken Hot Wings

Ready in minutes after being thawed in the microwave, these fully cooked spicy wings are a perfect party pleaser with the usual ranch dressing and celery sticks or as a stand-alone.

With these snacks, some guests could be full before the game starts, leaving more room for a late post-game lunch or dinner.

If you have some of these specific snacks show up at your table on Super Bowl Sunday, let me know your guests’ reactions. I wonder if I’m the only one, always.






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  1. John said

    Hot wings are part of the Super Bowl frenzy! I gotta ask my buddy to order some to try.

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