Celebrity Foods Super Bowl Sunday Horoscopes

With a little help from Astrology 101, my obvious affinity for Celebrity Foods’ snacks and my love of the Steelers, I think we’re in store for some interesting plays…

Sunday the moon continues through Taurus, Mercury squares Mars, and the sun conjuncts Neptune, which means that for you,



Although you were upset about your financial goals last week,  remember you were also daydreaming about your other goals and just friends. Today is friends’ day. Only think about which friend today is going to eat the most Celebrity Foods Crinkle Cut French Fries and then remain vegged out in front of the television even after the game is over as a result. Midafternoon the moon squares Mercury, so don’t let yourself worry too much about what play to bet on before the game starts or argue about how much money you won after the game is over because eventually the moon conjuncts Mars. And you’ll win some bet today, even if it was only the bet in your head.


Although thinking about the extra work than the normal extra workload at the job has made you grouchy today,  you were focused on staying more flexible in your mindset at work last week, so you should try to stay in that flexible mindset today. Midafternoon the moon squares Mercury, so you’ll probably try to forget about the yummy tasting Celebrity Foods ribs on the grill and the game on television at some point & start arguing or worrying about your workload again. Chill out. A couple hours later the moon conjuncts Mars, so you have a chance to distract your work-related brain waves with fun, like grabbing the last of the ribs off the grill…. At least indulge in some guaranteed fun today, good food & the game!



Stop worrying about the New Year. In the past week, you were more confused but being creative grew from your confusion. Tell THAT to your boss next week. Midafternoon the moon squares Mercury, so you’re still going to want to worry, but a couple hours later the moon conjuncts Mars, so you can do what you want to now. Let yourself eat that piece of Celebrity Foods N.Y. Cheesecake & jump up and down when the Steelers get a touchdown. (Can you tell I’m a biased Steelers fan?…..)




Plans or goals are on hold, even though you’ve tried to be more creative in improving business last week. Midafternoon the moon squares Mercury, so you’re going to want to still think about these plans or goals and argue about them with friends. Put your work mind on hold too. Almost the whole country is watching the game on tv! According to some advertisers’ recent studies, even more womenfolk are! A couple hours later, the moon conjuncts Mars, so you can now put all your energy into pursuing those plans or goals again. Just make sure the game is over first of course. We have to keep our priorities straight on this Sunday.




You’re too stressed out about work to spend time with your honey, so it’s a good thing that you’re spending time with friends AND your honey while watching the game. You were nice to your honey during the week though, so she or he will be understanding of doin the group thang on game day. Midafternoon the moon squares Mercury, so you’re back to feeling stressed out again. Stay strong though friend. A couple hours later the moon conjuncts Mars, so you’ll have a chance to resolve that work stress. Keep the cell phone on for that call from the boss. Take the call and then let yourself have fun the rest of the day. Laugh at the losing team.




Too much gossip about health matters or other topics from co-workers has been annoying you at work. You tried dealing with it at work last week. Now, it’s time to party. Midafternoon the moon squares Mercury though, so be sure to have a designated driver if you end up partying too much. A couple hours later the moon conjuncts Mars, so start thinking about business and personal plans for the upcoming week at some point to be prepared for a productive week. And of course to set time aside next week for you to share your own stories about your game day like who made the best Celebrity Foods Breaded Cod Nuggets…(Yes! I know they only take 15 minutes to make, but someone has to put them on the paper in the oven just right! O.K. I admit it. I will not be the “cook” talked about at work next week. )




Today you might be prone to arguing with someone that might want to borrow money for a bet today. In the past week you’ve been nicer or seemed more forgiving to these types. (No, I am not one of these types.) Refocus your brain on the game instead. An unexpected penalty will fall upon a certain player I’m sure….Midafternoon the moon squares Mercury, so expect to be arguing about other business matters then. Just make the argument fun, like who can guess the next play wins the argument. Yeah right. A couple hours later the moon conjuncts Mars, so now you can settle the score. The Steelers won the game fairly. (Oops…Steelers plug again.) If you don’t at least state your opinion, you’ll explode. And then someone will have another mess to clean up.




You are irritable because of some chats you had last week with your family. Last week, you made your home your sanctuary, free from a crowd. Now, there’s people everywhere. You can’t live under a rock forever. You eventually get lonely. Healthy diverse environments include people, not just plants and ants. Midafternoon the moon squares Mercury, so you’ll feel inclined to argue or worry about those last week chats again. Go outside and hug a tree. A couple hours later the moon conjuncts Mars,  making you be at your breaking point. You better divert your negativity to consuming the last  Celebrity Foods Chocolate Chunk Cookie or your neighbor could become your next meal. (Celebrity Foods saved me.)




Many communications with coworkers or communications with friends and family about healthy living have made you irritated throughout the week. You tried to be more creative in changing the subject last week. Today, surprise. You’re still irritated. But the scenery has changed! The Super Bowl is on! And you’re around people you chose to be around! Ah, yes, your peeps. They’ll help you have fun. Midafternoon the moon squares Mercury, so you’re still irritated, joining your friend in screaming at the tv after a game play neither of you agreed with. That’s not what I meant by your friends helping you have fun. Now, close your eyes and count to ten. That was fun, wasn’t it? Well, stop acting your age if it wasn’t! Anyways, a couple hours later the moon conjuncts Mars, so you finally have an epiphany on what to do to stop being irritated – eat one of those Celebrity Foods Roasted Chicken Hot Wings and tell your coworkers next week how healthy it tasted. If it were only that easy….., but it’s a start, a fun excuse for a solution, and better than losing your voice from screaming? Right? Uh, you might want to just stay at home today and create your own Super Bowl Sunday, if you’re still irritated after reading this.




Today, you think you know who is going to win the Super Bowl. During the past week, you had to get creative on how to improve financial matters and you succeeded, somewhat, in doing so. So, you think your mind is on the right track. Midafternoon the moon squares Mercury, so stop thinking about such serious matters and enjoy your time with your people. A couple hours later the moon conjuncts Mars, so you’ll still be tempted to act like a know it all, so just stick to the obvious – the Celebrity Foods Beef Back Ribs will taste great in your mouth. Hey, when all else fails, stick to what you know.


(Can you tell I’m a Capricorn yet?…)




Today, you feel like arguing. You were more creative or confused last week though, so game day should be interesting for you. Either you will scream or dissect the last play right after the first touch down. No one knows. Midafternoon though the moon squares Mercury, so you either still want to argue or start to worry that you want to argue. Hold out ‘til the last play my friend. A couple hours later the moon conjuncts Mars, so you’ll have a chance to prove your point. Hopefully, it’s your team that wins buddy. You are not allowed to argue with me if they don’t.


Today, you’re not feelin the crowd thang after some arguments break out. Last week, you spent some “you time” gathering your ideas to express to others at a later date. You’re gonna wanna argue, so try to go back to the “you time” you. Midafternoon the moon squares Mercury, which is when you either start worrying or arguing about everything.  Channel that energy into predicting the next play. That might take some added effort depending on what you’ve consumed so far today…Tire yourself out because a couple hours later the moon conjuncts Mars, which makes you ready for an all out fightOr maybe you should just stay at home too today.

Super Bowl enthusiasts remember, “all advice from me is subject to error.”

But feel free to comment on this post post-game day. I’m curious as to what really will happen…


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  1. Will said

    I’m a Leo. I’ll tell my “honey” what’s in store for her….

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