My Last Valentine’s Day Date

Last Valentine’s Day, I was camping with my honey, who happens to be an outdoor junkie, in Joshua Tree. When we go on our camping expeditions, we always like to bring good food. That is one of the coolest things about working at Celebrity Foods. I always have great food to choose from. On our last outing, I packed the Burgundy Wine Peppercorn Beef Kabobs. As it turns out, those kabobs were the only thing easy about our trip. To start, we were missing a couple of tent poles and the junkie was a bit grouchy (in their defense they were just getting over a cold). Eventually we tied off two ends of the tent to a tree. It was like an episode of survivor. Albeit with a full belly, it was a long, cold wet weekend. Take it from me, check your tent prior to entering the wilderness.

This year I don’t have the same date for Valentine’s Day (I’m still reeling from the last experience). However, I do intend to share those tender kabobs with my new honey for this Valentine’s Day’s menu. Some things on a date should be guaranteed (I’m talking about food here, people).

If food saved your Valentine’s Day experience, let me know by responding to this post. We have all experienced dating’s unpredictable nature.


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  1. Melanie said

    Food saved me too. My honey was in a grouchy mood too, from a hard day at work. So, I just enjoyed my cocktail for a bit ’til he chilled out.

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