Tuesday’s Toast

As a Celebrity Foods employee, I have tasted some delectable desserts. This Valentine’s Day, after a romantic dinner, I plan to enjoy a glass of aged red wine with a slice of Celebrity Foods White Chocolate Decadence Cake. I simply take it out of the freezer prior to serving dinner and by the time the meal is over, the cake has defrosted. To give a more sophisticated, but easy look, I like to puree raspberries to top off each slice. This elegant, deliciously light, white cake has the tastiest white chocolate flakes making it a perfect compliment to my palate awaiting that second glass of wine.

If you have a specific dessert/wine combo you like to save for V-Day, let me know by replying to this post. Some things are saved for that once a year special occasion, but don’t have to seem to take up a lot of time in the preparation.


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  1. Bill said

    I like doing the Chocolate Explosion Cake with a couple glasses of red wine. My wife loves it!

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