Mardi Gras

On February 28th, the city of survivors, New Orleans, will celebrate the merrymaking carnival called Mardi Gras.  As an employee at Celebrity Foods, I am always curious about how holidays with so much emphasis on food came about.

According to InterCommerce Corporation, Mardi Gras “originated in the middle of the second century in Rome when the Fast of the 40 days of Lent was preceded by a feast of several days during which time participants delivered themselves up to voluntary madness, put on masks, clothed themselves like specters, and considered all pleasure allowable.” Mardi Gras was just simply called a “Carnival” back then. Mardi Gras was born in 1827 in New Orleans when a group of students back from going to school in Paris started dancing in the streets of New Orleans one day wearing costumes.

Now, that’s student activism.

According to, “its roots lie in the Christian calendar, as the ‘last hurrah’ before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday.”  The official colors of Mardi Gras signify justice, faith, and power – purple being a symbol of justice; green being a symbol of faith; and gold signifying power.”

Justice looks quite flamboyant then to me….

The phrase “mardi gras” is French and means “Fat Tuesday” – implying the notion of eating a lot or indulging the day before Lent starts.


The traditional desert – King Cake

According to Emeril’s Food of Love Productions, “King Cake” became part of the Mardi Gras celebration “in 1870, when the Twelfth Night Revelers held their ball, with a large king cake as the main attraction. The story goes that the Twelfth Night Revelers would put a bean in the middle of the cake. The lucky gal to get a piece of cake with the bean in it was deemed the queen of the ball. Once the masses heard about the Twelfth Night Revelers boasting about the fun times with king cake, they all started to have their own king cake parties. 
If you think you’re the king cake at Mardi Gras or know of any Mardi Gras trivia you’d like to share, indulge us.


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  1. Rosa said

    I like your link to Emeril! I didn’t think about him!! Happy Mardi Gras!

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