Kitchen Gadgets

Ever wondered what would make life in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable? I have and millions of other Americans must have too.  Just look at the food channel or all of those crazy gadgets in the mall stores.  Still, I hate cooking which is why I love to eat out. Someone else is doing the cooking. No clean up, no burned dinner, and no shopping.

Even though working at Celebrity makes it pretty easy to cook, I think you should still have some special tools, gadgets per se, in the kitchen to make the cooking experience even easier and more enjoyable. That’s the only way I can enjoy cooking when I decide to be nice & cook for someone. I say – let the Inspector Gadget inside you, out. Let the geek out! The OC version of punk rock has made it cool now.

On the web, there are a few fun sites featuring gadgets to explore. Most seem a bit absurd, but for the ultimate gadget geek, I’m sure they would come in use. There’s some weird cooking gadgets on including “color changing microwave spoons” which change color when the food is done cooking if you stick them in the food while it’s cooking in the microwave. features a Truffle Slicer and the Fizz Keeper Pump & Pour, which keeps soda from going flat.

What kitchen gadget can you invent in your head? Do share. Seems there might be a market for it these days. And we’re all food geeks here.


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  1. Julia said

    Fizz Keeper?! Who knew!

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