Spring Cleaning

It’s about that time of year when we hear about spring cleaning. Probably like most of you, I don’t own enough stuff to do much cleaning. And I just don’t generally like cleaning. But this year the buzz phrase “spring cleaning” made me think about cleaning out the fridge, cleaning my George Foreman griller, and cleaning my stove tops. Mainly because there’s more beverage than food in the fridge……, George Foreman’s griller is startin to look kinda rough for company, my stove tops seem to have become a permanent grease color, and also because since I devote several hours of work to caring about quality food each day I think I should start caring about my own food. So, I dove into my Internet research, and here’s what I found for us –


Cleaning Out The Fridge

General Rules

  • If it smells, trash it quickly. (What a date killer…)
  • If it looks like a Science experiment, trash it quickly. (It’s not cool to play with your food anymore.)
  • If the date of expiration on it is before today, trash it at your own pace…..(It may have become a creature by now and eat you. Or you may become an alien if you drink/eat it.)

Extra Thoughts

  • Stains from soups or beverages not sealed so well create harmful bacteria.
    • Lining the shelves and drawers of your fridge not only keeps the inside of it looking sparkling clean.


Linda Cobb of DIY Network

Cleaning The Grill

General Rule

  • Old food on the grill doesn’t add just a unique flavor, but bacteria.


Derrick Riches, grillin enthusiast on About.com


Cleaning Stove Tops

General Rule

  • Stains from grease or water overflow while cooking can become flammable if they stay around too long, kinda like my Dad’s temper……I believe in spontaneous combustion.

You do anything special for spring cleaning? Like take out the trash?



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  1. Michelle said

    I’m going to clean out the frig right now! Gross!

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