The USDA Mad Cow poem

At 5:30 in the morning today, Kate Hopkins shared this with the blogosphere on her blog Accidental Hedonist:

There’s no problem with beef

We authorities say

Have hamburger and steak,

Tartare if you may


Eat Heartily your beef

Dive in and chow

Just ignore that fact that

We tested only .06% of our cows


We promised to do testing

But we barely got to it

So instead we’ll just let

the cattle industry do it


The Beef industry will search

For Mad Cow in the sty

But we’ll ignore their track record

In stopping E. Coli


See, There’s money to lose

And billions long lost

We’re not thinking of health

We’re thinking of cost


If we found that the beef

is full of disease

No meat could be sold

To those darn Japanese.


So as to show

that the problems are few

We’ll stop all the testing

And spin the stats too


Because the surest way

(the only one of the many)

to find zero problems

Is to not look for any



(What a way to start the morning! Glad I know where my steak comes from…)




  1. Adam said


  2. burdell said

    I was just about to give up on my search. Until this blog popped out in front of mee. It`s the bombb!!

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