Food Trends

Even before I started working for Celebrity Foods, I heard about food trends on the West Coast. It seems that today it’s not just celebrities that are getting a makeover, but food is too. From organic farming to kitchen-specific technology, consumers are being encouraged to do more than just slice and dice. The most popular food trends I found mentioned online are specific growing techniques, eating habits, and specialized cookware and appliances.

Some specific growing technique trends becoming more popular are organic farming and heirloom vegetables. Organic farming is a form of agriculture that does not include synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, or genetically modified organisms. It includes “outdoor grazing for livestock and poultry.” Heirloom vegetables are vegetables that are grown from a specific seed, over and over again, usually by a family of generations and generations of growers.

Since the American Heart Association revised their dietary guidelines, a slew of companies are encouraging healthier eating habits that also have some variety to them. Hyatt Hotels Corporation revised its Cuisine Naturelle menu to include a Vegetarian Pouch with Couscous and a Salmon Spiral with Tabbouleh Salad. Food For Flight, based in the Fairmont Vancouver Airport, which is an airport and hotel in British Columbia, is a food service that offers prepared meals to go for busy travelers or hotel guests. Folks either order through room service or by calling the restaurant and placing a take-out order.

Although the ‘ol stand by can opener is still around a buck, engaged couples are putting specialized cookware and appliances on their gift list. Cast iron fry pans and French ovens from Le Creuset , KichenAid standing mixers, as well as Krups Power Xtreme Premium mixer used to crush ice ever so quietly but with great strength top the list.

Tomato, tomatoe, super tomato – brought to me by an airport or cooked in a pan costing more than my car payment. As long as it keeps me tickin, I don’t care what it’s called and how it’s prepared. How ‘bout you? What do you think?



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