fast and easy meal

It’s springtime & that means it should be time for a picnic. With the recent unpredictable weather, I thought you’d agree that more time should be spent on choosing the location of the picnic than the food to be enjoyed there, so here’s some suggestions for a fast and easy meal for the occasion.


Sliced Smoked Turkey

Sliced Smoked Salmon

Sliced Tomatoes Herb crackers

Fruit salad

Oatmeal cookies

Smoked turkey or smoked salmon with tomato on a herb cracker tastes divine.

Preparation I

In the Morning

Cut melon, peach, plum, and bananas or your favorite fruit into bite size pieces. Put fruit into a plastic container and seal it with a lid. Cut the sliced smoked turkey and salmon into squares. Place the sliced smoked turkey, the sliced smoked salmon, and the sliced tomatoes each in a separate Ziploc bag. Place each bag in the frig. Cook the oatmeal cookies. (see recipe under Recipe section)

About 10 minutes before leaving for the picnic, place each Ziploc bag, except the one containing the cookies, “in an insulated pack”. Then place the pack in the picnic basket, along with the cookie bag, your choice of beverage on top, and the crackers. Place a trash bag in there too for clean up later. And don’t forget the paper and plastic – plates, napkins, cups, and silverware.

Anyone have any other ideas for a fast and easy picnic meal?


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