gastronomic cyberspace

With all the food blogs on the Internet, cyberspace has a full belly.

FatMan Seoul says “Burp Me” instead of “Email Me.”

 Nathasha's Tasting Journal has yummy looking photos of all the foods that blogger Nathasha has tasted. And she thinks this food blog is cool enough to link up. is a blog dedicated to tracking online food blogging events. So, if I eat a burger and write about it on this blog, is it cool enough to be an “event”? I mean it’s an event when my Dad eats but that’s a different story. Well, I suggest reading the Beginner’s Guide on to see the exact description of a food blogging event.

Chef Wayne’s Recipe Blog also thinks this food blog is cool enough to link up to and not only contains a diverse collection of recipes, but food news. features not only recipes and forums about food, but food films and songs about food. Started in January 2004, The Amateur Gourmet has been featured on CNN and will have its first book published in Spring 2007. Click on   to learn about The Amateur Gourmet.  

For more tidbits of food bloggin, check out the Boston Globe article on those so obsessed with food that they have to blog about it.  Geez. I don’t know anybody like that……



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