your grocery list

Even when I just need to buy fruit and vegetables at the store, I have to have a grocery list. It’s just something my Mom instilled into me. Well, of course, now there’s a website that might have my old grocery lists, that I threw out, archived.  features to date 1,100 other people’s grocery lists. Some of the “found” grocery lists have things on them like junk food, “anchoys”, lunchmeat, dressing mix, and 2 dinners. Every month the site also gives away a free food-related book or food-related something. The site’s creator, Bill Keaggy, lives his official motto, “Collector, maker and breaker of things,™” creating and hosting other blogs dedicated to all sorts of things.

I bet there’s a site out there dedicated to people’s restaurant orders too. And I’ll find it…..


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