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It don’t matter if you’re black or white!

Alright, let’s get drunk! Off tea that is. C’mon people I’m at work!

If you didn’t know this, green tea, black tea, white tea and just about any other color kind of tea is made up of healthful and beneficial components.

Take the white tea for example. It contains the most antioxidants over any other kind of tea. And test-tube studies have shown it to block DNA mutations that help to trigger tumor formations. If I were you, I down this bad boy fast!

Another great tea and, an ever so popular one, is the green tea. Shown to prevent many forms of cancer, it also  helps to lower cholesterol and boost the body’s immune system. wooo hooo!

Black tea. Now although the name refers to the color of its leaves, the actual color of the tea itself is a rich amber hue. This proactive tea helps to lower your risk of heart disease and colon cancer. It also inhibits bacteria that causes cavities and stinky breath. I say, if you don’t have time to drink the stuff, pop a few leaves in your mouth and chomp away.

The last tea I’m going to introduce you to, is the pu-erh (poo-air) tea. This dark red, earthy flavored tea is delicious, and actually considered a delicacy in China. Of all teas it is said to be the most oxidized and can only improve with age, just like wine! So as I said, let’s get drunk! 😉

So, drink up my little tea lovers. And as always, enjoy!




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munching on mangos

The smell of mangos filled the room as my co-worker chomped away and raved about the sweet flavor of her perfectly ripe, orange mango. I wondered…what’s so great about a mango? Or as the proper englishman would pronounce them…MON-GO.

Oh, whatever…toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe, people!!

(deep breath) Alright, I’m OK now.

So,  after researching the many helpful and healthful benefits of mangos, I have to say, I am now an official fan of these incredible orange-colored treats.

Here’s what mangos have to offer you…

*Phenols.  A compound that fights off cancer and other ailments.

*Iron.  Great for those who are anemic or pregnant.

*Clear skin.  Apparently, these little babies can effectively relieve clogged pores.

*Beta-Carotene (Vitamin A). To help with your eye sight.

*Vitamin E. The “bonus vitamin.”  I heard this one helps your hormonal system to function more efficiently.  As Joey Tribiani from Friends would say, “Hey, how YOU doin’?” 😉 wink wink, nod nod.

Mangos are also low in carbs and rich in selenium, which helps to protect against heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases.

So, the next time  you’re cruising through the produce department grab some mangos.  In fact, I’ve found a scrumptious mango muffin recipe that’s sure not to disappoint.

Enjoy my friends.



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Strawberries are a very delicious and a rather popular summer treat, but the thing is you don’t have to wait until next year to receive the benefits that these squishy, red delights offer…antioxidants!!

Research on antioxidants continues to grow regarding the knowledge of their rather helpful components.

For example, oxidation, or loss of electrons, can sometimes produce reactive substances known as free radicals that can very easily cause damage to the body’s cells.

What antioxidants do however, is stabalize free radicals before they have the chance to react and cause you harm.

Because oxidation is a naturally occurring process within the body, a balance with antioxidants must exist to maintain adequate and proper health. And who wouldn’t want to be healthy?

If strawberries are not in season where you live, look for produce rich in hue. For example, red tomatoes, bluer than blue…you guessed it….blueberries! There’s also raspberries and any other kind of berry you can find, really.

Load up as much as you can. Antioxidants are also said to help with fighting off cancers and other serious diseases!

Treat your body right and enjoy a handful of some delicious free radical fighting antioxidants. Enjoy!


 For further information on what antioxidants have to offer, check out this factsheet provided by the National Cancer Institute

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A piece of the pie

Here we go, I’m about to throw it down thug style…C’mon, put your hands up! Put your hands up! And wave ’em in the air… wave ’em like you just don’t care! Alright, put them down.

After listening to Gwen Stefani’s repetitive lyrics of Bananas….b a n a n a s……which clearly earned her the gold medal in the spelling bee contest,  sparked my brain to a realization.  I didn’t grab my daily dose of potassium on my way out the door this morning.

And, to add insult to injury, my close friend Jennifer, just e-mailed me her plans of engulfing a huge piece of Marie Callendar’s banana-cream pie for lunch! 

Does it get any worse? Apparently so. My mind quickly decided to tortue my stomach and prompted my salivary glands to produce an overwhelming amount of drool to accompany my growling intestines. Oh, the horror!!

That’s it! I’m off to the nearest produce market! However, before I go, check out this delicous Banana-berry smoothie I just found at

Enjoy my banana-eating friends!


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