Strawberries are a very delicious and a rather popular summer treat, but the thing is you don’t have to wait until next year to receive the benefits that these squishy, red delights offer…antioxidants!!

Research on antioxidants continues to grow regarding the knowledge of their rather helpful components.

For example, oxidation, or loss of electrons, can sometimes produce reactive substances known as free radicals that can very easily cause damage to the body’s cells.

What antioxidants do however, is stabalize free radicals before they have the chance to react and cause you harm.

Because oxidation is a naturally occurring process within the body, a balance with antioxidants must exist to maintain adequate and proper health. And who wouldn’t want to be healthy?

If strawberries are not in season where you live, look for produce rich in hue. For example, red tomatoes, bluer than blue…you guessed it….blueberries! There’s also raspberries and any other kind of berry you can find, really.

Load up as much as you can. Antioxidants are also said to help with fighting off cancers and other serious diseases!

Treat your body right and enjoy a handful of some delicious free radical fighting antioxidants. Enjoy!


 For further information on what antioxidants have to offer, check out this factsheet provided by the National Cancer Institute


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  1. Jen said

    strawberries are my favorite fruit, EVER.
    i have them all of the time…especially during strawberry season, and freeze them so that i’m able to have them year-round.

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