munching on mangos

The smell of mangos filled the room as my co-worker chomped away and raved about the sweet flavor of her perfectly ripe, orange mango. I wondered…what’s so great about a mango? Or as the proper englishman would pronounce them…MON-GO.

Oh, whatever…toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe, people!!

(deep breath) Alright, I’m OK now.

So,  after researching the many helpful and healthful benefits of mangos, I have to say, I am now an official fan of these incredible orange-colored treats.

Here’s what mangos have to offer you…

*Phenols.  A compound that fights off cancer and other ailments.

*Iron.  Great for those who are anemic or pregnant.

*Clear skin.  Apparently, these little babies can effectively relieve clogged pores.

*Beta-Carotene (Vitamin A). To help with your eye sight.

*Vitamin E. The “bonus vitamin.”  I heard this one helps your hormonal system to function more efficiently.  As Joey Tribiani from Friends would say, “Hey, how YOU doin’?” 😉 wink wink, nod nod.

Mangos are also low in carbs and rich in selenium, which helps to protect against heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases.

So, the next time  you’re cruising through the produce department grab some mangos.  In fact, I’ve found a scrumptious mango muffin recipe that’s sure not to disappoint.

Enjoy my friends.




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  1. Jen said

    mango is a beautiful fruit. they are under-rated and need to be in more dishes.
    they are best when they are added in salsa!

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