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NCAA March Madness

NCAA March Madness was all about beer and hotdogs when I was in college in North Carolina. Now, it’s about lean hamburgers and light beer while watching ESPN every day. Where is the love? This is how I think I’ll experience NCAA March Madness this year.

Throw on a couple lean burgers on the grill. Throw some of Smitty’s Barbeque sauce on ‘em to get that southern barbeque feel back into my game. Cook up some fries and have plenty of ranch dip ready for the takin. Oh yeah, and indulge in a non-light alcoholic beverage or two…….and skip breakfast and dinner to cut down on the fat intake for the day.

How ‘bout you? What are you doing for NCAA March Madness?


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Mardi Gras Party Plan

Since I can’t usually get to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, my buddies and I usually organize a big festive party of our own. We turn on the heat lamps out on the patio and fire the grill up. This is our version of Mardi Gras.


Paper & plastic everything – plates, napkins, silverware

We don’t want to have to clean up the aftermath of the party, like New Orleans does after Mardi Gras Day.

Everyone brings a signature dish. Since I’m an employee at Celebrity Foods, I have always had scrumptious food to choose from. The following are some of my past offerings to the crowd:

Appetizer – King Crab Legs

This appetizer is known far and wide beyond my crowd. Because of its tremendous flavor, friends of friends have been emailing me about trying this dish out since the first year I brought it out.


         Flounder Del Rey

Stuffed with the most delectable crabmeat, I think this is my choice dish for this year’s party. It takes a little longer to prepare, about 20 minutes in the oven, but it’s worth the wait.

         Cajun Spiced & Grilled Rainbow Trout

Tender and full of  the spice Mardi Gras is known for, I can’t go wrong using this as my traditional dish to bring to grill up for the party if I want to socialize a bit more. It’s ready in about 10 minutes.

A Side Dish

         Red Beans & Minute Rice w/ a tad bit of  Medium Pace Picante Sauce & Chips

Classic taste is always welcome such as this, but it’s more of a compliment to one of the main dishes I usually bring.

Have any Mardi Gras plans? Do share. Let’s party like we’re in New Orleans! 


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Celebrity Foods’ 2005 Annual Awards Ceremony

Stylee Scripters

Hello Beautiful People!

Stars of Celebrity Foods strike a pose!


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