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The Great Pyramids in Egypt Have Nothing on This Pyramid

I like to live my life in a structured manner… So much so that my psychological makeup is determined by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and physiologically I live by the FDA’s mighty Food Pyramid. Now, I am not feeling structured enough to go through it here, but I would recommend that you get yourself a refresher on this important hierarchy of necessary foods and their groupings by checking out this site:

Next week, the mighty Dietary Sphinx!



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“Keep It Simple Stupid” (or “Silly”, for the easily offended)

During my undergraduate days, the KISS method was highly used by my professors.

It was their recommendation to us students.  Being idealistic and bright-eyed, we were all willing to go the extra mile to make the grade.  A lot of the time our efforts were rewarded, yet sometimes we found ourselves trying to take on too much, or just making something difficult for the sake of it seemingly needing to be difficult.

Now that I am a little older and a little wiser (translated: LAZY), I find that I am looking for simplicity in everything.  I am a bit of a gadget hound, and I have 5 components in my living room hooked to my Star-Destroyer class television.  All of them have their own remote.  But, in the attempt to make life easier, I use the universal remote capabilities of one of the devices to program them all to use just one remote.  Simple.

Also, now that I am a little older, I find that health and exercise are more and more at the forefront of my mind.  And isn’t it convenient that the American Heart Association has employed the KISS method in their recommendations on how to limit our fat intake, especially trans fats.  The story is online over at Yahoo! News.  Check it out:



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gastronomic cyberspace

With all the food blogs on the Internet, cyberspace has a full belly.

FatMan Seoul says “Burp Me” instead of “Email Me.”

 Nathasha's Tasting Journal has yummy looking photos of all the foods that blogger Nathasha has tasted. And she thinks this food blog is cool enough to link up. is a blog dedicated to tracking online food blogging events. So, if I eat a burger and write about it on this blog, is it cool enough to be an “event”? I mean it’s an event when my Dad eats but that’s a different story. Well, I suggest reading the Beginner’s Guide on to see the exact description of a food blogging event.

Chef Wayne’s Recipe Blog also thinks this food blog is cool enough to link up to and not only contains a diverse collection of recipes, but food news. features not only recipes and forums about food, but food films and songs about food. Started in January 2004, The Amateur Gourmet has been featured on CNN and will have its first book published in Spring 2007. Click on   to learn about The Amateur Gourmet.  

For more tidbits of food bloggin, check out the Boston Globe article on those so obsessed with food that they have to blog about it.  Geez. I don’t know anybody like that……


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fast and easy meal

It’s springtime & that means it should be time for a picnic. With the recent unpredictable weather, I thought you’d agree that more time should be spent on choosing the location of the picnic than the food to be enjoyed there, so here’s some suggestions for a fast and easy meal for the occasion.


Sliced Smoked Turkey

Sliced Smoked Salmon

Sliced Tomatoes Herb crackers

Fruit salad

Oatmeal cookies

Smoked turkey or smoked salmon with tomato on a herb cracker tastes divine.

Preparation I

In the Morning

Cut melon, peach, plum, and bananas or your favorite fruit into bite size pieces. Put fruit into a plastic container and seal it with a lid. Cut the sliced smoked turkey and salmon into squares. Place the sliced smoked turkey, the sliced smoked salmon, and the sliced tomatoes each in a separate Ziploc bag. Place each bag in the frig. Cook the oatmeal cookies. (see recipe under Recipe section)

About 10 minutes before leaving for the picnic, place each Ziploc bag, except the one containing the cookies, “in an insulated pack”. Then place the pack in the picnic basket, along with the cookie bag, your choice of beverage on top, and the crackers. Place a trash bag in there too for clean up later. And don’t forget the paper and plastic – plates, napkins, cups, and silverware.

Anyone have any other ideas for a fast and easy picnic meal?

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celebrity foods

What are celebrity foods? What makes a food so special that a celebrity requests it be served at their event or a celebrity quotes it as their favorite food? Does the food strut around like a carrot on a catwalk? Here’s what I found out on the Internet about what some celebrities enjoy most, food-wise. Why is up to speculation.


Lindsay Lohan – Chinese


Mariah Carey – Pasta and salad


Elvis Presley – Peanut butter and banana sandwich, baked apple and sweet potato pudding


Woody Harrelson – raw, vegetarian foods


David Gahan, Depeche Mode – Thai & Italian


Willie Nelson – tex-mex food


If you’d like to see some celebrities caught eating, look at this funny website, Ah, I love the Internet.

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Spring Cleaning

It’s about that time of year when we hear about spring cleaning. Probably like most of you, I don’t own enough stuff to do much cleaning. And I just don’t generally like cleaning. But this year the buzz phrase “spring cleaning” made me think about cleaning out the fridge, cleaning my George Foreman griller, and cleaning my stove tops. Mainly because there’s more beverage than food in the fridge……, George Foreman’s griller is startin to look kinda rough for company, my stove tops seem to have become a permanent grease color, and also because since I devote several hours of work to caring about quality food each day I think I should start caring about my own food. So, I dove into my Internet research, and here’s what I found for us –


Cleaning Out The Fridge

General Rules

  • If it smells, trash it quickly. (What a date killer…)
  • If it looks like a Science experiment, trash it quickly. (It’s not cool to play with your food anymore.)
  • If the date of expiration on it is before today, trash it at your own pace…..(It may have become a creature by now and eat you. Or you may become an alien if you drink/eat it.)

Extra Thoughts

  • Stains from soups or beverages not sealed so well create harmful bacteria.
    • Lining the shelves and drawers of your fridge not only keeps the inside of it looking sparkling clean.


Linda Cobb of DIY Network

Cleaning The Grill

General Rule

  • Old food on the grill doesn’t add just a unique flavor, but bacteria.


Derrick Riches, grillin enthusiast on


Cleaning Stove Tops

General Rule

  • Stains from grease or water overflow while cooking can become flammable if they stay around too long, kinda like my Dad’s temper……I believe in spontaneous combustion.

You do anything special for spring cleaning? Like take out the trash?


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Kitchen Gadgets

Ever wondered what would make life in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable? I have and millions of other Americans must have too.  Just look at the food channel or all of those crazy gadgets in the mall stores.  Still, I hate cooking which is why I love to eat out. Someone else is doing the cooking. No clean up, no burned dinner, and no shopping.

Even though working at Celebrity makes it pretty easy to cook, I think you should still have some special tools, gadgets per se, in the kitchen to make the cooking experience even easier and more enjoyable. That’s the only way I can enjoy cooking when I decide to be nice & cook for someone. I say – let the Inspector Gadget inside you, out. Let the geek out! The OC version of punk rock has made it cool now.

On the web, there are a few fun sites featuring gadgets to explore. Most seem a bit absurd, but for the ultimate gadget geek, I’m sure they would come in use. There’s some weird cooking gadgets on including “color changing microwave spoons” which change color when the food is done cooking if you stick them in the food while it’s cooking in the microwave. features a Truffle Slicer and the Fizz Keeper Pump & Pour, which keeps soda from going flat.

What kitchen gadget can you invent in your head? Do share. Seems there might be a market for it these days. And we’re all food geeks here.

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