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The History of LUV Day

Have birds always chirped and have flowers always perked up on February 14th, Valentine’s Day? Do all companies, like Celebrity Foods, decorate their offices with red hearts and streamers? The answer is no. Since Valentine’s Day only came into being in the 14th century, prior to that it was just another day in the dead of winter.

According to a CNN special in 2002, the day dedicated to love started as a result of author Geoffrey Chaucer and Saint Valentine. At the time, Chaucer was writing a poem for an arranged marriage to be and searching for a saint to honor on the couple’s engagement day. He chose Saint Valentine because as the feast honoring him corresponded with the day of the couple’s engagement. So inspired, Chaucer chose to write a poem called “The Parliament of Fowls”. For his poem, Chaucer dreamed up the idea that all birds found their mate on this couple’s engagement day, May 3rd. After Chaucer died, Valentine’s Day got pushed back to February because the first song birds that traditionally warble after winter tend to debut in mid-February.

If you know of any Valentine’s Day trivia, reply to this post. Share the love man.


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My Last Valentine’s Day Date

Last Valentine’s Day, I was camping with my honey, who happens to be an outdoor junkie, in Joshua Tree. When we go on our camping expeditions, we always like to bring good food. That is one of the coolest things about working at Celebrity Foods. I always have great food to choose from. On our last outing, I packed the Burgundy Wine Peppercorn Beef Kabobs. As it turns out, those kabobs were the only thing easy about our trip. To start, we were missing a couple of tent poles and the junkie was a bit grouchy (in their defense they were just getting over a cold). Eventually we tied off two ends of the tent to a tree. It was like an episode of survivor. Albeit with a full belly, it was a long, cold wet weekend. Take it from me, check your tent prior to entering the wilderness.

This year I don’t have the same date for Valentine’s Day (I’m still reeling from the last experience). However, I do intend to share those tender kabobs with my new honey for this Valentine’s Day’s menu. Some things on a date should be guaranteed (I’m talking about food here, people).

If food saved your Valentine’s Day experience, let me know by responding to this post. We have all experienced dating’s unpredictable nature.

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Tuesday’s Toast

As a Celebrity Foods employee, I have tasted some delectable desserts. This Valentine’s Day, after a romantic dinner, I plan to enjoy a glass of aged red wine with a slice of Celebrity Foods White Chocolate Decadence Cake. I simply take it out of the freezer prior to serving dinner and by the time the meal is over, the cake has defrosted. To give a more sophisticated, but easy look, I like to puree raspberries to top off each slice. This elegant, deliciously light, white cake has the tastiest white chocolate flakes making it a perfect compliment to my palate awaiting that second glass of wine.

If you have a specific dessert/wine combo you like to save for V-Day, let me know by replying to this post. Some things are saved for that once a year special occasion, but don’t have to seem to take up a lot of time in the preparation.

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Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Some people, like my friend Sharon, are able to take off work on Valentine’s Day to spend all day with their special someone, breakfast included. Like most people at Celebrity Foods and elsewhere, I don’t have the liberty of taking off work for V-Day. But I’m still going to suggest my friend Sharon’s V-day breakfast to my own special someone for the weekend after the holiday.

Sharon’s Valentine’s Day Breakfast: Celebrity Foods Potato Pancakes accompanying a delicious cheesy omelet. Made with fresh potatoes and whole eggs, these pancakes only take about 5 minutes to cook and go great with any omelet. They’re a treat that makes my breakfast bar seem like an old fashioned diner. Ah, the romantic-ness of a country diner, tucked away in an apartment complex far, far away……from the traffic lights.

If you have a breakfast treat in mind to enjoy around Valentine’s Day, do share. The more ideas the better.

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